One year of Band Photography

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Band photography with x-T1

I evolve naturally with a lot of artists, mainly in my familly, so it’s natural for me to do Band Photography.

Here is a quick post with photographs I took all along this year with Fuji X System. Mostly with X-T1 but some was taken with x100s.

Well, when you take photograph during concerts is pretty hard because of bad light conditions.

You cannot use flash or anything.

By the way with wide aperture, thanks to XF 56mm and 23mm (sponsorised link), and a good exposure you can take really good photograph. Bad light is where Fuji X-Trans CMOS II is good. And X-T1, with mirrorless technology, is really great when you want to play with light.

X-T1 is perfect for this kind of photograph.

Especially since the last firmware update, ’cause you can use Auto focus with a little Manual focus adjustment so you are pretty sharp.

Of course there is not only live photography, and dark place for this, but I also take some photographs in studio and other in daylight. Also a pleasure 😉

Hope you will enjoy !

Ghost Around My Ear

Unseelie Band

Band Photography



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